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  • 地區:俄羅斯
  • 導演:Pavel Sidorov
  • 主演:奧莎娜·阿金什那 / 彼得·斯科沃爾佐夫 / 奧列格·瓦西里科夫 / Anna Slyu / Anastasiya Kuimova / Aleksandr Molochnikov / Alexandra Drozdova / Valeriy Kukhareshin
  • 上映:2019
  • 更新:2019-03-12
9.0 9.0


In the main character, under mysterious circumstances, the brother dies. The girl begins to pursue realistic nightmares, and she goes to the Institute of Somnology, where she and other patients are immersed in a joint lucid dream. But after dawn, they will wake up in a completely different reality, which is worse than any nightmare ...
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